Mak Wilson

Mak Wilson

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First Name * Mak
Last Name * Wilson
Username * MAKLtd
Country * United Kingdom
City Oswestry
Nationality British


Preferred Tools Animation directorDigital puppeteer


Availability: Freelance


I began my career as an actor and then puppeteer with the Jim Henson Company and Creature Shop in London, working on over 20 feature films and tv productions with them., including Ninja Turtles, Babe and Dinosaurs. It's with the company that I first became interested in CGI with the dawn of Henson's realtime CG character puppeteering system, first used on the film Loch Ness. From here I moved on to animation direction with my first project being Lost In Space.

With the demise of the London Creature Shop, and wanting to expand my fields of interest, I set up Mak Animated Kompany Ltd. The kompany deals not only with TV and Film work but also archaeological and heritage projects through the Archaeological Reconstruction Centre and historical based screenplays. The 'animated' part of the name doesn't just refer to animation of course, it means 'bringing to life', as I also puppeteer and movement choreograph as well as being a Mo Cap artist.

I'm currently just waiting to hear whether or not I'll be animation directing on the second season of 'Headcases', the new digital version of Spitting Image. Fingers crossed. It's not a job I've done a great deal of ,of late - last one being Frances the Badger for Hensons - so I'm looking forward to getting back to it.